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Minor Surgical Procedures: Definition, Types, and Importance

15 June, 2023 Atlas Associates Clinic by Dr. Atlas Associates Clinic Atlas Associates Clinic All

As medical science advances, newer and more efficient patient treatment methods are being developed. Minor surgical procedures are one such development, which allows healthcare professionals to perform a wide range of surgeries that require less recovery time, less scarring, and fewer complications at our minor surgery clinic in Singapore

What is A Minor Surgical Procedure?

What is A Minor Surgical Procedure?

A minor surgical procedure is a medical procedure that is minimally invasive and does not require extensive general anaesthesia. They can be performed in a clinic and are intended to treat minor conditions that do not have significant risks or complications.

These procedures are usually outpatient, meaning the patient can go home the same day after the surgery with minimal risk of complications. Minor surgical procedures are typically performed on areas such as the skin, knees, fingers, toenails, eyes, and some other body parts that are easily accessible. 

Some Examples of Minor Surgeries  

Several types of minor surgical procedures can be performed, such as incision and drainage of an abscess, and removal of a foreign object. Here is a list of the most common minor surgical procedures:

  • Drainage of abscesses
  • Incision and drainage of infected wounds
  • Removal of foreign bodies from skin or soft tissue
  • Removal of ingrown toenails
  • Repair of lacerations or cuts
  • Removal of moles

How long do minor surgical procedures take?

How long do minor surgical procedures take?

The time required for a minor surgical procedure can vary depending on the specific design and the patient’s circumstances. Some procedures may take only a few minutes, while others may take a couple of minutes. For example, a simple biopsy may only take a few minutes, but removing a larger growth or inserting a medical device may take longer.

Experience the Ease and Convenience of Minor Surgical Procedures at Atlas Associates Clinic

At Atlas Associates Clinic, we are well-equipped to perform minor surgeries for mild conditions. Minor procedures may be quickly and safely performed here to save one the stress and time spent on a hospital visit. While not all minor procedures can be in a General Practitioner doctor‘s clinic, it is important to discuss with your physician and weigh your options, choosing the most appropriate and necessary arrangement for you. Get in touch with us today or visit our website to find out more!