Teleconsultation Doctor in Singapore

Teleconsultation allows you to access quality healthcare anytime, anywhere. With just a click of a button, we arrange the nearest possible appointment at your convenience.

We provide the following teleconsultation services:

  • General medical consultation
  • Chronic medication replenishment
  • Laboratory and health screening results review
  • Travel medication advice
  • Specialist referrals

Teleconsultation Doctor Services in Singapore

Welcome to our teleconsultation services, bringing healthcare to your fingertips in the heart of Singapore. Our team of experienced and dedicated doctors is here to provide personalized medical consultations from the comfort of your home or office.

Why Choose Teleconsultation?

  1. Convenience: Skip the commute and waiting room. Connect with our doctors seamlessly through secure video calls at a time that suits you.
  2. Accessibility: Access healthcare services from anywhere in Singapore. Whether you’re in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, our teleconsultation services bridge the gap to quality healthcare.
  3. Time-Efficiency: No more long wait times. With teleconsultation, you can schedule appointments that fit your schedule, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine.

Our Teleconsultation:

  • Basic Consultation:

    • 15-minute virtual consultation with a qualified teleconsultation doctor.
    • Prescription issuance (e.g. medicine certification) if necessary.
    • Delivery of medication if necessary. 
    • Referral to a specialist if required.
  • Family Consultation:

    • Basic teleconsultation services for the entire family.
    • Priority scheduling for family members.
    • Family members below 18 years old are preferably accompanied by an adult; those below 6 years old are advised to go for a face-to-face consultation for better assessment.
  • Follow-up Consultation:

    • Follow-up consultation after a specific medical treatment
    • Consultations to renew prescriptions for existing medications.
    • Discussions on modifying dosages or switching medications as needed.
  • Medication Delivery/Collection:

Medications can be obtained through the following methods:

    • Self-collection at Atlas Associates Clinic
    •  Courier delivery (same-day delivery within 4 hours)

Medication and delivery costs will be charged separately, with regards to delivery charges, please contact us

  • Payment Options:

    • Payment for consultations and medications is accepted via credit card. You can set up your card payment upon registration.

Our Commitment to Your Health:

At Atlas Clinic, we prioritise your well-being. Our teleconsultation services are designed to provide quality healthcare with a personal touch. Rest assured, your health is in capable hands.

Schedule your teleconsultation today and experience healthcare that revolves around you!

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